Special orders

Aside from our permanent ceramic and furniture collection we take on special orders.

Unik pieces designed in close dialogue with costumer or for exhibition.

Please, fill free to send an email with any inquiries.

Humlebäck’s ceramics are already available at several restaurants and companies.

Handmade ceramics to order

You can order products according to your own wishes. We manufacture the ceramic products in our workshop here in Långed, Nordmaling municipality which is located in northern Sweden. Get inspiration from the products we already sell in our shop and adapt them to your own wishes. Or come up with your own ideas on what you are looking for and we can make it for you.

Small vases

We already have a selection of unique small handmade vases today. Do you want a different shape, color or size? Contact us and we can help you. We make special orders for handmade small vases.

Exclusive kitchen accessories

Today we manufacture exclusive pepper mills with salt cups, serving trays in different sizes and other kitchen accessories. We can manufacture various kitchen accessories to order as well. As a customer, you get a completely unique product, just the way you want it.

Fine carpentry and furniture to order

Our good knowledge in furniture carpentry and fine furniture means that we can manufacture and deliver the finest end results. We work a lot with marquetry inlays and veneers. Get in touch with us and we will talk more about what you want to order for furniture and fine carpentry and we can help you.

Sustainable friendly craftsmanship

In our work, environmental responsibility is an important part for us. The production in our workshop takes place with the idea of ​​always working in a sustainable way and choosing environmentally materials. We think that the products should be an extended arm of nature instead of a result of it.

By keeping our craftsmanship environmentally friendly and sustainable, you who buy our products can feel that you are making an environmentally conscious choice.

Feel free to send an email with any inquiries.

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