Lighthouse pepper mill and salt cup

900 SEK

Set with salt cup and pepper mill in ash wood and polished brass. Surface is treated and maintained with soap flakes.

We have manufactured the prototype here in Långed and today receive help with drilling and rough turning in Italy. We get the mechanism from a fine metal mechanic in Denmark. We make the polished brass top in the neighboring village. The set is sanded, assembled and surface treated with soap here in the workshop.

The salt cup should stand near the pepper mill to create the illusion of a lighthouse with a house next to it.

Color: White ash wood and brass
Material: Wood and brass
Measurements: Height 20,5 cm

Light House pepper mill and salt cup in ash wood and brass

We have developed the prototype for our pepper mill and salt cup of the model Lighthouse here in Långed, in northern Sweden. The turning of the wood is done in Italy, the mechanics come from Denmark, and we assemble and surface treat all pepper mills and salt cups here in our workshop.

Our pepper mill is excellent both during cooking and to be present on the table. Freshly ground pepper releases taste and aroma. The salt cup should be placed next to the pepper mill to create the illusion of a lighthouse with a house.

Material selection and dimensions

High-quality ash wood and brass that we polish ourselves are the material choices we have chosen for this exclusive set of the pepper mill and salt cup. The pepper mill is 20.5 centimeters high and is surface treated with soap. Maintain the product by treating it with soap flakes.

A good gift for both gourmand and connoisseur

Our products are handmade and come from northern Sweden, if you want to find an exclusive gift to give away, Lighthouse is a good alternative. We put a lot of effort into our products and craftsmanship. If you want to order something completely unique, we also do special orders, let us know what you are looking for and we can help you.

Sustainable craftsmanship

For us, environmental responsibility is an important part of the job, we think that the products should be an extended arm of nature instead of a result of it. Our pepper mills and salt cups are produced with the idea of always working in an environmentally friendly way and choosing sustainable materials. By keeping our craftsmanship environmentally friendly and sustainable, you who buy our products can feel that you are making a conscious choice when it comes to our planet.

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