Cecilia Forsberg born October 8, 1982

Education / experiences

2014 Humlebäck Ceramics & Fine Furnitur
2012 Starts private company
2011 Internship Copenhagen, conceptual arts and crafts ceramics and design “Claydies”
2009-08-30- 2011-06-15 Capellagården ceramics education.
2008-08-25- 2009-05-20 Löftadalen Folk High School, Special course in ceramics
Folk university throwing course
Folk university Fine art
Internship with Helena Örnberg, Ceramist Umeå.


2020 Summer exhibition Gallery Utås
2019 Arctic design of Sweden New York
2019 3 days of design Copenhagen 2011 Capellagårdens summer exhibition at Kalmar Castle.
2010 Capellagården’s summer exhibition at Borgholm Castle, Öland.
2008 Student exhibition, culture house lighthouse in Kungsbacka municipality.
2008 Student exhibition, Löftadalen Folk High School.
2008 Exhibition culture house lighthouse in Kungsbacka municipality.


2019 Carl Wikström Foundation
2013 Regional contribution to business development, County Administrative Board of Västerbotten
2013 Carl Wikström Foundation
2012 Längmanska kulturfonden Foundation
2011 The Siv and Carl Malmsten´ Memorial Foundation
2011 Letterstedtska föreningen
2011 Agust Rigners Scholarship Foundation
2011 IRIS scholarship
2010 The purpose of the Petersenska Home Foundation

John Bøge born 16 August 1968

Education / Employment etc.

2018 Management team Polytechnic High Coast, Fine Furniture
2017 Two-week craft trip in Japan
2014 Humlebäck Ceramics & Fine Furniture
2010 Companion letter as a cabinetmaker, Capellagården, Sweden, large silver
2008-10 Furniture design and cabinetmaking, Capellagården, Sweden
2007-13 Master cabinetmaker, Workshop Coordinator, The Royal Palace, Copenhagen Denmark
2002- Start-up JB Møbelsnedkeri, www.boege3.dk
2001 Internship v. Atelier Ilex, Paris, France
2001 Internship v. Michael Jamet, Paris, France
1997 Intarsia course at San Servolo, Venice, Italy
1995 Intarsia course at Pierre Ramond in Stockholm, Sweden
1994-13 Master cabinetmaker at Amalienborg carpentry workshop
1991-93 Conservation technician, Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerød
1990 Furniture carpenter at SCAN-LINE Office Interiors, Honolulu, Hawaii
1989 Fitting carpenter at Safir Boats, Middelfart
1987 Trained as a Carpenter with a silver medal
1984 Starts in apprenticeship as a carpenter

Medlem av

1995- Møbelsnedkerforeningen


2019 Arctic Design Of Sweden, New York
2019 3 days of design, Copenhagen
2017 Møbelsnedkerforeningen “Folder sig ud / Unfolds”
2013 “Art on a plate” Fragatten jylland, Æbeltoft
2012 National Museum, Copenhagen. The domino cabinet
2011 Levang Gallery, Norway. The furniture exhibition “everyday”
2010 Møbelsnedkerforeningen. “My precious”, the Museum of Art and Design
2010 Teatergalleriet, Kalmar
2010 Capellagården’s summer exhibition, Borgholm Castle
2010 Stockholm furniturefare
2009 Sydform, Ronneby Kulturcenter, Sweden
2009 Sydform, form / design center Malmö
2009 Capellagården’s summer exhibition
2009 Stockholm furniturefare
2006 Tasmanian Crafts Fair, Deloraine, Tasmania
2002-05 Møbelsnedkerforeningen “10 years anniversary traveling exhibition”
2001 Marquetry, Musée de Louvre, Paris
1997 Møbelsnedkerforeningen “Touch wood”, Kunstindustrimuseet
1997 Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling, Kunstindustrimuseet
1995 The good craftsmanship. Rådhushallen, Copenhagen

Prizes and scholarships

2019 Carl Wikström Foundation
2018 Nordmalings Konstförenings Stipendium
2017 Statens kunstfond, Denmark
2012 Craftsman Award of 1879, bronze medal
2011 Copenhagen Carpenters’ Guild
2011 Chief Foreman Niels A. Høghs Education Scholarship
2011 Det Letterstedske Selskab
2010 Cabinetmaker with large silver
2009 Augustinus Fonden
2008 Thomas B. Thriges Fund
2008 Knud Højgaards Fond
2008 Director Ib Henriksen’s Foundation
2008 Danmarks Nationalbank’s anniversary fund of 1968
1997 Gurli and Paul Madsen’s Memorial Scholarship
1997 Knud Højgaard’s Foundation
1997 Factory owner Valdemar Selmer Trane and wife Elisa Trane’s Foundation
1995 Knud Højgaard’s Foundation
1987 Carpenter with Silver Medal

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